Beagle Gundogs
We are Frenchman's Beagle Gundogs! Our names
are Don LeCount aka The Frenchman and Sam
Cook aka Shadetree Sam. We only raise 2-3 litters a
year to keep up our bloodlines. As you can see
they are AKC registered blood lines that we have
had for many years and are some of the best we
feel that suit our needs. We can tell you back 3-5
generations the style, and characteristics of these
hounds. The sires and dams are most usually all
on the farm. Hunting our dogs always is a top
priority with us. We strive to produce a hound that
has hunt, knows where the point of loss is and the
nose to run in all conditions with the run to catch
mentality. Our hounds have also been placing in all
3 major registries. So come run with us, here in
North Central Indiana. We would be glad to show
you some French-Cookin LOL

Don LeCount         


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Sam and Don one cold
January morning after a very
successful hunt!
Zac getting a quick bath
before pics
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